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I believe that Metal, Rock and Dark Music fans need a place to share and talk about this amazing music we are listening to.

You will also find info about the more Dark site of the music industry, an example would be SKYND, and amazing and very talentet singer and artist and she is also one heck of an performer. Her end her team makes Real Crime Music and if that interest you then Subscribe and i will see you ind Disneyland.

You will find a lot of awesome stof in this RockEmpire69

Concerts 2121

What People Say and where?

I will post upcoming concerts and Online Concert as long as our society is under press because of COVID-19 can we only hope that we can join all the AMAZING Metal/Rock concerts in 2021 and som artist is singing online to.


and Remember – we are all struggling ind one way or another, so the way we can help out is by buying the accessorise, i will post that too.



.. coming

    From the ruins of the Acropolis, this Greek band formed in Athens back in 1987 is known to be one of the first black metal bands of this region. Rotting Christ is now known to be the band that formed the sound for black metal bands coming out of Greece during the 80s. With inspiration […]
    I bid you all goodbye And start to fly high This time I’ll win the fight Even my cell shines bright tonight SONG: Miss Madness/ ALBUM: Forever Still THE INFO Fresh out out of Denmark Copenhagen comes the band Forever still, being a Modern rock and Metal band, also known for other genres, which one […]
    You make a sound, no one blinks, and you’d kill to be sick. SONG: Dickhead THE INFO This band is all being mixed together with electro punk, electronic music, gothic rock and trance. Even though Pretty Addicted started back in 2011 as a duo, the main vocalist named Viscous Precious went solo with it later […]

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hello to everyone !!! Aeternus Prophet band ! Cheers from Ukraine !
Hallo and welcome!

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